10 tips for using dating sites

You have decided to register on a dating site, but your messages remain unanswered. Here are 10 tips to optimize your flirting technique on the Internet. start by signing up for the right dating site if you are living in France or Europe we suggest choosing NRJ Tchat a perfect dating site for young people like you where you can chat and meet young singles like you, or go with the big old sites like Match or Zoosk.

1 – The choice of the username

We avoid the nerdy pseudonyms with your department at the end of the Rocco77 style or sexual references rather of a bad kind like Etalon69.

2 – A good photo

The photo is an essential element to chat on the Internet. Avoid the cliché from your webcam, in front of your computer with the flower wallpaper of your room. Conversely, forget also the ultra retouched photo of fake mode engraving. Privilege the natural and the sobriety.

3 – A short and effective announcement

Your ad must combine humor and originality to attract attention. We ban the CV type ad or the boat formulas as “simple guy looking for dating and more if affinities”. No need to spread 15 lines, two sentences are enough.

4 – Create a fake account

To better understand how the dating site you have selected, create a first fake account to familiarize yourself with the different features. You can also create a female profile to see the approaches of your future competitors.

5 – Look after the first messages

You will be judged on the first email that you send so you apply and avoid the message of the type “you are really too charming in the photos, we see each other tonight”. Play the humor card. Decorate the profile of your interlocutor to try a targeted approach to a passion or musical tastes.

6 – Dictionary and Bescherelle, your two best friends

You are not 14 years old so we avoid the SMS language, often incomprehensible, and we do not forget to read again. Four spelling errors per sentence can be discouraging.

7 – Answer quickly

Women receive a lot of solicitations on dating sites. It is therefore advisable not to wait 10 days to reply to an email. Be on the lookout for messages and answer them within ten to fifteen minutes.

8 – Request a meeting quickly

No need to chat for 6 months before talking about a hypothetical first meeting. After a short week of exchange, move up a gear and offer a coffee or a drink.

9 – Use a virtual makeover agency

To change your look and have more success on dating sites, do not hesitate to call a virtual makeover agency. Starting from a photo of you, you can test haircuts or clothing styles.

10 – Beware of the webcam

Prefer chat as chats via webcam. In video, an odd is quickly arrived as your best friend who arrives shirtless unexpectedly, dirty socks on the desk, beer corpses in the background …