How To Meet People in Real Life Without Tinder Dating App

The Single’s Guide To How To Meet People In Real Life

Did the dating apps make you forget the rules of good behavior of the dating and flirting in real life? In his practical guide How to flirt without Tinder, Victor Matisse gives some tips to seduce “in real life”, in real life. Manual.

“Have you noticed that those who are most successful with women are not the most beautiful, the richest or the smartest? They are successful only because they are trying their luck. By approaching a woman, you have a chance on two to seduce her. If you do not go, you have no chance. No more no less.”

The decor is laid. In his guide How to flirt without Tinder, Victor Matisse gives a series of tips to not forget the charm of real contact. “What people like in the meeting is the unexpected, the spontaneity, the fact of being surprised, it is the exchange of a look or a smile, it is an innocuous remark in crossing each other is doubt. In short, it’s life, “summarizes the author.

However, via dating applications, any ambiguity disappears and denatures the very fact of flirting, says Victor Matisse. This statement drawn, how to achieve charm without Tinder appli or Happn? Are there really keys to seduce? Here are ten to increase, for sure, your chances.

Ten Tips to seduce in Real Life

  1. Do not set a barrier on your physique. Never forget: the prettier girls are the least used. On a misunderstanding, it can work …
  2. Use the yo-yo technique. Talk to a woman, and give her up once the conversation is well underway … to come back sometime later.
  3. In transport, do not rely on the first “eye-contact”. It takes at least three to feel that the way is free to try your luck.
  4. In the evening, avoid talking about work and drinking too much, and so make the person flee in front of you.
  5. The sobriety you will use. A “Hi, I just wanted to talk to you” will work better than “I see our future in the apple of your eye”.
  6. Ask questions to avoid whites, and plan a question in advance to bounce back in case the discussion gets boring.
  7. Think of a wild question, a question that can be drawn at any time, regardless of the context. “Are you going on vacation this summer?”
  8. Do not be stingy with compliments, but do not overdo it either. Choose a “I love your coat” to a “The color of your jacket brings out the beautiful and rare color of your eyes”.
  9. One compliment must hide another. Compliments that allow you to follow a question will put you in a more comfortable position for the rest of the conversation.
  10. Talk about everything, but not just any way. Analyze the context, and set the shooting window.