Online Dating: Successful first meeting

Dating sites are very popular know! The principle, everyone knows it. We register, we exchange messages, we get to know each other until one of them asks the fateful question: When will the meeting take place? Here are some tips to go from virtual to reality without making odd!

If you registered on a dating site to find your other half and you had a real crush on a person, you will logically end up meeting you, especially if this favorite is reciprocal!
We share our advice to pass the cat face to face without unpleasant surprises!

Tip # 1: Stay Yourself

Before the first meeting “real”, we often want to do too much to impress the partner. It’s a bad idea. What must be done is to bet on the natural, without playing role.
So to all those who planned to wear makeup or all those who planned to empty their gel pot on the head: Do not do it!
It is important for a first appointment to be neat, but no question of doing too much.
Be simple and true.
Do not pretend to be a bad boy if you’re not one (moreover, not all girls like it!), Do not play shy girl if you’re not, because is certain: sooner or later, your lies will be discovered!

Tip # 2: Do not say too much

That’s it. The day of the appointment rang. And of course, if you are there, it is because beforehand, you exchanged many messages with your “virtual partner”. So, that supposes that you know a package about the tastes, desires, projects of your interlocutor (ice).
And by crossing the fingers so that this first “date” is not the last one, it is necessary to leave a certain mystery so that the next appointments are interesting … The ideal thing is to speak without saying too much , listen, be curious … Avoid sad, depressing and heavy subjects.
The best solution: Bet on humor, it works for sure!

Tip # 3: Do not overdo it

The evening is going perfectly well. Your partner likes you and it’s mutual. Between complicit glances and game of seduction it is sure, alchemy has operated. Result, you want to go further and invite him to take the famous “last drink” …

Stop! It’s a bad idea.

What you do not want to do is burn the steps. Things must be done gradually. You will see, the pleasure will only be greater. And most importantly, you may stick a label that will not necessarily put you to your advantage.
Make you want, so …

Now, now that you have all the keys in hand, it remains for me to wish you good luck for your first “real” appointment!