Top 3 Apps for Best Online Dating Experience

Whether you are a fan of android or equipped from head to toe by apple (Apple) you will find a wide range of applications in the field of dating on the play store or apple store. For my part, I tried many applications, all not being equal. So today for you and just for you, I have selected 3 that I think are out of the game. So yes, I could have put the appointment app in this ranking.

Hot or Not

For those who do not know, Hot Or Not, is related to the Badoo site.  This is a game, or you have the opportunity to like or not the person or people also registered on the site.

But that’s not all, because indeed you are given a popularity based on your photos. Members can then rate them (out of 10). It is mainly for these 4 negative points that placed in 3rd position of our top Hot Or Not application!

Note also that the application is none other than the service found on the badoo site. And personally I do not already stick to Badoo (see our test)! Yet the application has its website (and vice versa) that does not show to be linked.

Climb the rankings to get to position number 2. The choice was not easy between first and second place, but you’ll understand!


So why put Tinder site in second place and not in first? Good already because I found more fun (to see after), but also because it also has its negative side lot.

So far they have trouble with geolocation. Or is it me? Yet Facebook profiles are linked and geo can be done without worries!

By the way Facebook is “too” related to this application. As a result, your photo and your profile are those of facebook! And no way to put a touch of personalization in! So if in 2009 you liked a page that you now do not like or you do not want to show, and not possible! This is the way the app dedicated to Tinder france encounters selects affinities between members …. I hope your profile is impeccable!

However, strong point, the application is better developed than the previous one. Although it is always to say whether or not you like it, you will do it differently, and to be clearer by dragging the photo to the left if you do not like it, and to the right if at otherwise she typed you in the eye.

Lovoo Dating App


So I hear you immediately tell me “you chose it because there is VOO in as in Rendez-Voo!” And no! Well actually the name made me crack, not for both “O” but more by the full name. Because yes if we say it out loud: “Love Or … (no?)”!

As you can see the category of less is already much less filled at Lovoo! However, I will come back and explain some of the above points.

Radar, so that’s great! Even if we find our neighbors or neighbors, we can finally find people near us and not on the other side of the world!

On the price side, and here it is interesting, you have the choice, you can use the application for free but limited. That is to say that you can play the game of the game (like the other two applications) but a number of times (I do not have the number in mind, I admit I did not count!). Just like consulting certain profiles (especially those you like or who sends you a kiss) are restricted! But that’s where it gets interesting ..

As on many other sites or app you can unlock this daily limit by taking a so-called VIP subscription (giving you other options in the process) but, if you just want to unlock piecemeal (a profile or other) you can do it with credits, which themselves are accessible for free (especially at the connection).

Small bonus elsewhere, and I come back here on the team of the site (and the app), and I speak here of the quality of the service, I was given a “bonus of credits” simply after having reported a slight misspelling in one of their automatic mails! I did not expect it at all, and did not report the fault in this spirit, but believe me it’s rare and very nice of them!

In short, I get lost on the main subject that Lovoo, and I come back to my sheep.

To conclude, on this application meets that is by far the best, I would say that although the profile is fully customizable (which is a real plus!) It deserves to be improved and embellished with some additional details.

Especially on the tastes, desires or passion of the members. And so propose a second radar, which would be based on these criteria!

Download:  Lovoo Android

My conclusion on applications dating!

Once on the Play / Apple Store, the search engine will bring you a package of applications. Here we tested a dozen, including the famous Tiilt and many others. But most of them are paying and that’s already a negative point.

It is not so much the fact of paying that is disturbing, because after all it is a service like any other, there are people who have and who continues to work with the improvement etc .. But it is more the to be blocked from the entrance! Without even having a taste of what can be found on it etc.

I take the example of Tiilt again, or it is impossible for me to consult a message (I do not even speak to answer it !!) or just the profile of the person who sent it to me without having to pay !!!!

You’ll say I’m stingy, maybe, but if at least I had a glimpse, that I saw who sent me messages and their content that would motivate me perhaps more.

And that’s why I selected these three, because they are to my taste the most free to access!

Of course, there are still applications and therefore bits of site put on a phone. Nothing beats a dating site whatever it is! Because on these even if some are paying, you have a real profile, a real activity and real contact!